Astonishing Rock Garden Design Ideas

By | February 15, 2019

A garden in the house has an important function to make a house into a memorable aesthetic. In addition the park also serves to refresh the mind homeowners and guests. Various important element of the park is the layout, materials or concepts gardens, parks and main functions. Sand and stone are various materials used to make the park a lot. Sand likened to water flowing in the garden and gives the impression of a natural and cool.

Much preferred to the use of stone walls and parts of the garden floor. There are so many types of stones that can be applied to the garden. Setting the layout and type of stone color is very influential to the final result in the construction of the park. To eliminate the impression of rough and rigid stone garden ornaments can be added by selecting plants that spend a lot of colorful flowers.

The selection of plants can be done with consideration of the environment that plants need to rock the media. Cactus is some kind of plant that is very like a stone. To make the necessary plant remains fertile ground in some media as part of the stone. In order for this section cannot be seen using a pot with stone material. Stone used in the garden can serve as a foothold so that no damage is done when the park cleanup.